(Why You Really Ought Invest More Than 3 Minutes)

Whilst the previous lesson might help you summon a Word in a pinch—I dare say it is worth investing more than three minutes to Choose One Word. 

Why so? 

Well, on the one side: we want to choose a Word that is distinct and memorable (so that our friends and colleagues are more likely to help keep us true to our intent)—and it can be hard to find an exquisitely apt Word without some contemplation.

But mainly: 

The process of self-development beckons deeper enquiry. 

Choosing One Word is *just the tip*. Or rather: it’s the manifestation of intent, borne of deep enquiry, introspection and reflection. It’s a beacon to help guide your way through the challenges of life. Something to help you make wiser decisions as you navigate hidden commitments and conflicting values in the pursuit of complex goals.

Ergo: it’s worth investing some time to do this well. 

Choose One Word

A Ritual of Becoming

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