∆ | Pick a Path – find your word in 3 hours, 3 days or 3 weeks

Huzzah. Before we embark on this Quest together: how deep do you want to go?

Whilst the program might *seem* overwhelming—what with the 70+ video modules and whatnot—the reality is: you can Choose Your Own Adventure here. There are at least three paths on offer for you. Or well: four.

First: you can try find your Word in 3 minutes or less. Here’s a link to the video for that. And here’s a link to a video that explains why you ought invest more than 3-minutes. I’m afraid it’s a bit of a sore point for me. We have been so groomed to expect instant answers and ready-made fixes—instead of leaning into the complexity of the challenges that face us. I don’t believe in quick fixes—for they often serve merely to perpetuate the default. You can do better.

You can invest at least 3 hours to find your Word. An evening of introspection, perhaps? Look for the videos marked with a triangle ( ∆ )—these are essential.

You can also approach it as a 3 day thing. A long weekend with friends, perhaps? For this, take the essentials ∆ and add in some of the extended elements ◊. These videos bring further richness and depth to the program.

You can also approach this as a 3 week thing. This is perhaps the best approach if it's your first time—some of the provocations in this program are intentionally unsettling, and may take some time to process. Three weeks ensures you aren't just skimming the surface.

For seasoned Questers, you know this is more like a 3 month thing. Once you get into an annual cycle with this Ritual of Becoming, you'll start to glean the Patterns and Hints much earlier in your year (and your rhythm of reflection, introspection and projection will be much more attuned).

Finally, for any who are interested there are some esoteric videos. I've given these the double-dagger symbol ( ‡ ). Watch these at your own peril.

Here's a key:

∆ = essential
◊ = extended
‡ = esoteric

What do I mean by esoteric? Watch the next video and you'll see... 

Choose One Word

A Ritual of Becoming

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