∆ | A Quest Beckons

What-ho and well-met, fellow mind. Welcome to the Choose One Word program.

Or—to put it more mystically and mythically—welcome to what may be the beginnings of an annual Ritual of Becoming (for you).

I’m so happy you are here.

This is a significant step you are taking. What this program represents is an opportunity for you—for us—to delve deeper into the Patterns that maybe are holding us back from Who We Might Become. This is an opportunity for self-inquiry—for depth, reflection and introspection, and all the wondrous things we don’t normally make time for.

And for this reason, this is not going to be a ‘typical online program’. This is not about ‘quick hacks’ or ‘quick fixes’ or ‘simple things’ that you can do. And this is probably going to be frustrating on several levels. But if it were easy—you’d have already done it, and there would be no need for a program like this, hoho.

So! We are about to face into perplexity. Self-knowledge, self-development, self-actualisation—these are some of the most mysterious, complex, nebulous, ineffable topics known to us.

This is going to take some wit—and a healthy dose of patience, tenacity, creativity and imagination. Ergo, to make this whole thing work,I suggest you think of this whole experience as a bit of a *magical* thing. And I say ‘magical’ in a meta-rational sense, in that ‘magic’ is something that exists at an order of complexity that has much more beyond what we can understand.

If we treat this as like a little sacred, magical thing—something a little bit *special* (an un-rushed Quest, just for you)—it may just work a little bit better for you.

The next video provides a decent overview as to *how* you can best approach this program. 

So, huzzah! So nice to be sharing this experience with you. Let’s hop to it.

Choose One Word

A Ritual of Becoming

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